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Frequently Asked Questions

To a frequently asked questions for your Rooftop Carrier find an answer below.
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             QUESTION - I have lost my keys. How do I go about getting a spare key?

ANSWER - Key ordering is available online – Please click the “KEYS” icon on the top of the screen and follow the instructions for identifying the lock number you need for your carrier. Then click the BUY NOW button and it will direct you to Thule’s customer service site to place your order. If you are experiencing difficulty, please call Customer Service at 1-800-238-2388 between 8:30 a.m and 5:30 p.m ET, Tuesday through Friday.

             QUESTION- Where can I buy an X-Cargo rooftop carrier?

ANSWER - You can only purchase the rooftop cargo carriers from Sears, either at their Auto Center locations or on-line at

             QUESTION - Can I mount an rooftop X-Cargo carrier to my vehicle?

ANSWER - Please click the “APPLICATIONS” icon on the top of the screen and you will see an “Application Guide” button. The guide will show up on the screen informing you how to mount the roof top box or cargo bag.

             QUESTION - How do I use a rooftop carrier if my vehicle does not have a roof rack?

ANSWER - If your vehicle does not have a roof rack, you must purchase an aftermarket roof rack system. Leading brands of aftermarket roof rack systems are Thule, SportRack and Yakima and the SportRack and select Thule roof racks are also sold at Sears.

             QUESTION - Can I paint rooftop my X-Cargo carrier?

ANSWER - The information provided below is for those people who are customizing the look of their car top carrier. The warranty becomes invalid on products that have been painted, as the effects cannot be known.

If there is an interest in painting the car top carrier, it is recommended that it be done through a professional automotive paint shop. The smooth surface, X-Treme carriers have an acrylic plastic surface, while the X-Cargo Sport 20 and XL rooftop have a textured plastic surface.

Painting the car top cargo carrier as a do-it-yourself project requires some skill with spray painting equipment. There are a number of paint suppliers, some of which are listed below, who provide suitable prime and finished coatings for this use. It is recommended they be contacted for the specific procedures to follow with use of their products.

It is not recommended to remove the top for single side opening boxes. The unit should be properly masked and remain assembled during the paint application. To provide the best surface for paint adhesion, the surface must be prepared prior to applying the prime coat by scuffing it with a light sanding using a 500 or 600 grit cloth or paper and thoroughly cleaned. This is to be followed by applying the selected primer and finishing coat supplied by the paint supplier.

             QUESTION - How much weight can I load in my X-Cargo rooftop carrier?

ANSWER - The car top carriers can hold up to 100 lbs.

             QUESTION - I am looking for information on the Thule Evolution part number 028.72185 that I bought at Sears Auto?

ANSWER - You can view the information on

             QUESTION - What can I do if my key broke off in the lock cylinder?

ANSWER - Our recommendation is to consult a locksmith. They have special tools with which they can usually remove the piece of the key without damaging the lock.

If a locksmith is not readily available, although not a process sanctioned by Thule you can try using  a flattened out a paper clip to "rake" the broken piece out enough to grasp it with needle-nose pliers and remove it.

             QUESTION - Are the X-cargo car top carriers waterproof?

ANSWER - Car top carriers and cargo bags are water resistant, not waterproof.


             QUESTION - What is recommended to protect my X-Cargo rooftop carrier?

ANSWER - Cargo Carrier Maintenance

All roof top boxes are made from ABS or a combination of HDPE and ABS materials. As with all plastic materials, the use of certain solvents or cleaning agents can attack the plastic, causing damage and/or discoloration. To ensure this does not happen:

· The car top carrier should be cleaned with a car shampoo and clean water.

· Never use a polishing agent, oil, or solvent.

· Never use a cleaning agent that contains alcohol, ammonia, or chlorine

· If the cargo box is to be stored, it should be kept clean and not stored in direct sunlight


             QUESTION - How do I fix my lock, it is really sticky and hard to use?

ANSWER - Our suggestion is to use some Powdered graphite: which if the lock is not destroyed this might help, you can purchase powdered graphite at Home Depot or Lowes.

             QUESTION - How do I know where to position my roof rack crossrails in order to mount the rooftop X-cargo carriers?

ANSWER - Most factory racks can be adjusted, however you may view the mounting specifications (minimum and maximum bar spread) on each of the car top carriers to verify dimensions (click one of the links below for mounting specifications):

Sport 20


             QUESTION - I have a rooftop X-Cargo carrier, can you tell me where I can buy a new lock cylinder & key?

ANSWER - Unfortunately the lock mechanism or brackets cannot be replaced on the car top carriers. Thule will not replace the lock assembly because their policy is anything that is installed at the factory they will not be replaced due to liability issues. Thule does not have a good way to track replacement parts that were sent to consumers and the issue becomes if there are any problems with the product on the road, Thule would be liable.

             QUESTION - Where can I buy an rooftop X-Cargo carrier in Canada?

ANSWER - Unfortunately the cargo carriers are only available in the United States at the Sears Auto Centers.  You may try ordering the roof top boxes on–line if Sears might be able to ship to your address in Canada.

             QUESTION - How can I get replacement mounting hardware for my rooftop X-Cargo carrier?

ANSWER - If you’re looking for a replacement mounting kit for your car top carrier, you can purchase Sear’s item 7216 either from your local Sears Auto store or on-line This kit is a little different than the U-bolt style, actually it’s an upgraded kit which is a Quick Release kit and would work with any cargo carrier.

             QUESTION - I have an older car top X-Cargo carrier that used mounting hooks to attach the carrier to the vehicle, how can I get replacement hooks or new ones?

ANSWER - You can purchase the mounting hooks for your vehicle's cargo carrier along with the strap kit from SportRack directly:

             QUESTION - Can I repair a cracked rootop X-Cargo luggage box?

ANSWER - Depending on the crack, there may or may not be a solution for your situation, Please call us at 1-800-238-2388

             QUESTION - I am looking for information on the SportRack roof rack systems for example 72320 and 72315 that I bought at Sears Auto?

ANSWER - You can view the information on



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